Junk Removal & Hoarding Cleanup Services in Columbus, OH

Help a hoarder by scheduling junk removal services

If you or someone you know is struggling with hoarding belongings, it's time to call Helping Hands Cleaning & More for junk removal services. Our team will work with you to remove belongings quickly and efficiently to ease the process. Plus, we'll clean as we remove your unwanted belongings.

Are you ready to learn more? Call Helping Hands Cleaning & More at (614) 800-8012 today to schedule hoarder cleanup services in Columbus, OH.

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3 benefits of hoarder cleanup services

Hoarding belongings is more serious than letting junk pile up. It's a disorder that is usually closely associated with anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Choose Helping Hands Cleaning & More for help with hoarder cleanup services to:

  1. Reduce buildup of waste in your home.
  2. Eliminate belongings that are worthless or unused.
  3. Detox your home from the cramped, stress-inducing environment.

Call (614) 800-8012 today to schedule hoarder cleanup services with our maids in Columbus, OH.

Get the professional help you need

The results of hoarding not only look bad, they can lead to hazardous living conditions and serious health issues. That's why you should turn to Helping Hands Cleaning & More for hoarding cleanup services. We can remove junk from your home and help organize your belongings so you can relax in a clean, well-organized house again.

You might have a hoarding problem if:

  • Your collections are disorganized
  • You are embarrassed by your collections
  • You feel bad about acquiring new items
  • You can't move about your home freely
  • Your health is at risk due to your cluttered, dirty home

In some cases, it's necessary to seek help from a psychologist that specializes in hoarding. Once you've decided it's time to clear out the clutter, contact us to schedule hoarding cleanup services.